I originally started out in corporate America with a Bachelors degree in Business and a minor in Marketing from Purdue University.   My career started in Aerospace out in Ca. and while working in that industry I went back to school for my MBA.

After 15 years of corporate fun, I retired from a Fortune 100 Company to start a family with my husband.   I stayed home for 17 years to raise my 3 kids, 2 of which are in college and 1 still in high school.  I Ran a lot of kids around for years and managed some tennis in between. Knowing I didn’t have the desire to get back to the corporate world, my husband encouraged me to pursue my all time favorite passion- skin care and makeup.  Initially, I was planning on focusing on professional makeup with some skin care. I enrolled in the Esthetics program at Continental School of Beauty in 2015.  I graduated 9 months later in 2016 and immediately took my NY State Boards for licensing.


Funny thing happened during this process, my passion for skin care, treatments, education and helping individuals meet there skin care goals completely took over and professional makeup became a distant memory. Along the way, I added full body waxing and more skin care treatments. I have chosen DERMALOGICA for the last 5 years as my professional brand and I am continually educated by the company at least 4 times a year in a classroom environment along with on line “D Streaming” access to training throughout the year to keep up on the newest and latest advances in the industry. Based on that, I have recently achieved my expert status with this world wide brand. Dermalogica is now owned by Unilever Corporation as their prestige line and has so much Research and Development behind it, it makes my job even more fun! My passion continues to grow and so do my services as well as my education in the ever evolving and changing beauty industry